• Hooked on Fishing – Success – We Won!!
    Hooked on fishing not on Drugs. Outstanding event on Saturday, June 6 9AM to 1 PM. 42 People came and had a great time and look who won new fishing poles…. Connor and Adalyn – Great job guys!!!
  • Air Gun
    Air Gun at North Berwick Rod and Gun is a low key fun time to get to enjoy air powered products of al kinds. This is a non noncompetitive evening of fun shooting at approximately 10 meters or 33 feet and […]
  • Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting
    Air rifle benchrest is a unique precision shooting competition between sanctioned clubs throughout the United States. North Berwick Rod & Gun Club holds both indoor and outdoor sanctioned shoots monthly. Monthly shoots are regulated by the United States Air Rifle Benchrest […]
  • Moose Permit Lottery
    The 2021 Maine moose permit lottery application process is open!
  • New Website
    Why a new website and whats new?
  • Ladies Tuesday Nights
    Tuesday evenings: 6pm until either daylight or ammunition runs out.
  • Pistol/Hunter/Safety Classes
    Check club calendar for any listed class dates.
  • Maine’s Guide Course
    This class is focused on the Hunting Guides test, and information will be provided for Fishing & Recreational.
  • Hunters Trap
    Hunters Trap Is For Everyone from First Timers to Old Timers!
  • Archery
    A Maine Archery Association “Shooter of the Year” tournament
  • Woman on Target
    Women On Target North Berwick Rod & Gun Clubs Annual Event!!!
  • Apple Seed 2017
    Hooked on Fishing..Not on Drugs 2019