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  • Warning – GX4 Pistol Safety Notice
    Additional serial numbers have been added to If you have already submitted your serial number, please re-verify if your firearm is covered by submitting your serial number again. We understand this is an inconvenience and we thank you for […]
  • WARNING – Ruger RS22 Pistol Saftey Bulletin
    RS22 Pistol Product Safety Bulletin For up to date information please click Safety Bulletin and Ruger Retrofit Ruger has discovered that a small number of SR22® pistols may have right and left frame inserts that are not properly secured together. […]
  • WARNING – S&W, M&P 12 Shotgun Safety Recall
    SAFETY RECALL NOTICE FOR M&P®12 SHOTGUNS For up to date information please click IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL NOTICE FOR SMITH & WESSON® M&P®12 SHOTGUNS MANUFACTURED PRIOR TO OCTOBER 15, 2021 Smith & Wesson has received two field reports of cracked barrels involving […]
  • WARNING – Winchester Ammunition Recall
    AMENDED PRODUCT WARNING AND RECALL NOTICE WINCHESTER® 9mm Luger 115 grain Olin Winchester, LLC is recalling the following lots of 9mm Luger 115 grain Full Metal Jacket and 115 grain Jacketed Hollow Point pistol ammunition. Symbols: Q4172, RED9, USA9JHP, USA9MMVP, […]
  • WARNING – Ruger-57 Safety Bulletin
    Ruger has discovered that a small number of Ruger-57™ pistols may have right safety levers that do not meet our specifications and may be prone to cracking. In some rare instances, the internal “leg” of the right safety lever may crack […]
  • WARNING – M1 .30/06 Ammo
    The CMP advises to not use .30/06 ammunition in M1 Garands, 1903s, and 1903A3s that is loaded beyond 50,000 CUP and has a bullet weight more than 172-174gr. These rifles are at least 70 years old and were not designed […]