Air Gun

NBRGC Airgun Programs

There are several different flavors of airgun work at NBRGC. Pick what is best for you. Mondays at 4 we have benchrest practice and at 6 PM a fun 10-yard shoot for rifle or pistol. Thursday mornings at 10 there is more benchrest shooting available and as of now, we have a once-per-month sanctioned United States Air Rifle Benchrest (USARB) competition.

6 PM Airgun Shoot for Rifle and Pistol

Air Gun at North Berwick Rod and Gun is a low-key fun time to get to enjoy air-powered products of all kinds. This is a non-competitive evening of fun shooting at approximately 10 meters or 33 feet and is shot indoors in the indoor building. Shooters may shoot bench or offhand, rifle or pistol, whatever is to their liking. Shooting starts at 6 pm on Monday nights and lasts usually until 7 pm or so. Members and nonmembers are welcome to participate. The cost is kept to a minimum of $1 per shooter for the evening and there is a wide variety of targets provided that are both fun or serious. Calibers are limited to .17 and .22 caliber for safety reasons. You may bring your own targets if you so desire or use the any of a large variety of fun targets provided. The structure for the event is controlled with safety in mind and shooters of all ages are welcome. Parents are encouraged to bring their children if they feel they want to give shooting a try without any pressure. The club has several air powered rifles to try before making a decision to buy one. There are shooters ranging from casual to serious and much information can be had for free. New shooters will get a complete safety and procedures briefing in about 10 minutes and then it’s on with the fun.

Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting

Air rifle benchrest is a unique precision shooting competition between sanctioned clubs throughout the United States. North Berwick Rod & Gun Club holds both indoor and outdoor sanctioned shoots monthly.

Monthly shoots are regulated by the United States Air Rifle Benchrest (USARB). Match rules, air rifle specifications, targets and scoring are controlled by USARB to insure fair competition. A match consists of 25 targets, one shot per target, with a time limit of 20 minutes. National ranked results from all sanctioned shooters are posted on USARB website scoreline. How do shooters at our matches compare? We have a three-time world benchrest champion, a two-time USARB springer champion, and a national field target champion.

Sanctioned shoots are for serious competitive shooters.

If you would like to try USARB competitions, please visit a Monday practice (4 to 5:30) weekly. You can try shooting high-performance air rifles and get an understanding of what is required.

High-performance air rifles are not what you shot in the backyard as a youth. We guarantee you will be impressed!