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Always Check the Calendar… For range closings before making a trip! Example: April 8 and May 6 ALL RANGES CLOSED due to Trappers Class – See calendar for details.

Friday Night Shooting… Friday night pistol shooting is back on again. For more information click here.

For Additional Safety… Stocked first aid kits are now located in the Main Range and Pistol Range – For more info click here.

When Can I Shoot?
All shooting ranges are for members or a guest accompanied by a member.  All non-members are invited to open events identified in the calendar. You just have to come in and register (the gate will be open).
Unless otherwise noted in the calendar range hours are as follows:
Outdoor Pistol Bays are 7 days a week from 9 AM to sunset (THESE HOURS ARE NOT A SUGGESTION).
Outdoor Rifle/Pistol Range is 7 days a week from 9 AM to sunset (There are exceptions CHECK THE CALENDAR).
Indoor is open only for scheduled events (check the calendar).
Archery Range can be used anytime you can see (check the calendar for exclusions).
Repeat: Check the calendar for preempts such as shotgun on Sundays or other organized events. Save yourself a trip.

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