Hunters Trap Is For Everyone from First Timers to Old Timers!

Join Us Every Sunday at 3 PM starting May 21st, 2017 through end of September at the NBRG Club Range For a fun, no pressure afternoon!

NBRGC Hunters Trap What it’s all about Information Below

NBRGC hunter’s trap is basically a combination of skeet/trap/sporting clays. It is really like what you face when you are hunting. We have a wobble trap that moves side to side and up and down in a random pattern, there is no way to predict where the clay bird will be launched other then that it will be in front of you. (See diagram below) Each shooter starts the year at the #1 line behind the trap house. Each line has 3 positions and you will shoot 2 times from each position for a total of 6 birds per round. You start loaded and your gun held at the carry position (two hands). When you appear ready the bird will be launched by the wobble trap. It’s up to you to see it, get your gun up and break the bird. It’s the same thing as flushing a bird when hunting. You will do this 6 times for a “round”. When you break all six birds at a given line in the same shooting run you move back to the next line further from the trap house. So the better you get the harder it becomes to break all six birds. Three shooters are up at the same time and take turns in who is the shooter. The number of birds broken by each shooter are recorded by the scorer.

The cost is $5.00 for the first 5 rounds minimum and $1.00 for each round thereafter.  There are white birds “sprinkled in amongst the regular birds and these are bonus birds. Hit one when it goes out and get the round free, miss it and it cost you an additional $1 for the round. You supply your own ammunition and should be 7 1/2 or 8 shot, low brass. You can shoot one or a dozen rounds it’s up to you.

The members that run the shoot and for that matter, all the shooters will help any new or old shooter get the most out of their time on the range. If you get there after shooting has started we can work you in without any problem.  This is a safe low intensity,fun way of getting better with your shotgun.

We shoot each Sunday afternoon starting at 3 PM. Except Sunday Holiday Weekends.